C.B. Andrew Philippines, Inc.
The company takes a new name to reflect the changes that it has to undergo to propel it to not only survive but also excel in this new global economy. Hit hard by meltdowns in the economies of major powers worldwide, the Philippines where the company is based as well as the whole region in general have been greatly affected. Formerly known as Prochem Technology Asia-Pacific, Inc. the company is now known as C.B. Andrew Philippines, Inc.
New Products
Amphoteric Dry Strength Agents for improving dry strength properties of paper and paperboard. In cooperation with the technology owner, we are now developing our own amphoteric dry strength products aimed specifically at improving the quality of recycled paper based paper and paperboard grades. We have been producing our own version of anionic and cationic dry strength additives for the paper industry for two years now but saw the need for developing the “amphoteric” product.

The company’s product development team successfully developed high Efficacy liquid deinking soaps. A leap off the solid fatty soap technology, ADBRITE 800 series reduces both dosage and product cost. Combined with new surfactant technologies this reduced deinking costs for ONP-OMG by more than 60%.

High Active content Herbicide has been developed by CBAPI and is in the process of product registration with the proper Philippine government agency. ClearMax 55Plus compared with the conventional herbicides in the market today is designed to reduce the dosage per hectare by more than 30% thus reducing both packaging and freight costs.
New Products
Yield enhancement, Wash Aid Defoamers.

Paper Process:
Coagulants and fixing agent for paper process, Process and wastewater clarification, Defoamers and anti-foam agents, de-aerators to increase drainage and enhance formation.

Paper Functional Additives:
Sizing agents, Dry strength additives, Wet Strength Additives.

Tissue Manufacturing Chemicals:
Yankee coating and release agents, Wet Strength additive, Formation Aids, Forming wire passivation.

Water Treatment Chemicals:
Coagulants and Fixing agents.

Sugar Process Chemicals:
Decolorization aid, mixed juice clarification.

Agricultural Products: